I-Team Cast

Will Bekker

WILL BEKKER  was born in a crossfire hurricane. Well, no, that’s somewhat of an embellishment. He was born in a hospital in Monterey, CA. Honestly, Will has never been remotely near a hurricane. He did once see a tornado; and on two separate occasions he stood very near to some rather large, nasty waves. Still, no hurricanes, let alone crossfire ones, whatever that means. Will apologizes for the deception. All he wished to convey by that filthy lie, reader, is that he digs the Rolling Stones. And is this not a sentiment we can all get behind? Will thinks so.

Will’s earliest attempts at humor were wholesale thievery. Stumbling onto the realization that his middle-school peers weren’t watching late night television, he would routinely pillage the best bits of Conan or SNL and sell them off as his own. Jump to the present day, where Will, in a valiant effort to continue avoiding the chore of being funny independently, has taken to lifting jokes from older, more obscure sources, lest someone should catch him thieving.

He knows a great joke about Spiro Agnew that he’s trying to work into normal conversation.


 ASHUR BRATT  is an extraordinarily energetic and expressive performer. He has been in at least one stage performance every year since his freshman year of high school and absolutely loves “putting on a show” of any sort. Uncertain of where the energy comes from, Ashur expels much of his energy on the stage through grand movements and focused expressions and in his writing as a poet and nonfiction writer. He is an English and Drama teacher at Elmhurst Community Prep Middle school in East Oakland. In his free time — that which is not spent teaching or performing — he enjoys rock climbing, camping, bicycling, reading fiction and scuba diving. The animal he most resembles behaviorally is a dog as he is often seen rolling around, begging for affection and physical petting, and panting. He is Super Ecstatic to be a part of the I-team (T for improv). If you have any questions for Ashur, just ask him, he will be delighted to answer them.




 SPENCER DE VINE  was formed when the first lightning bolt struck and has been doing improv and stand up comedy ever since….alright fine.

Spencer hails from the other “bay area” of Seaside California (next to Monterey, there’s an aquarium, I’m sure you’ve heard). He has been doing theater nearly his entire life and has always had a penchant for the performance arts in general. Sparked by silly improv exercises in drama class, Spencer started a improv club at his high school and several years later joined Improv Nation, the resident improv club at SFSU where he trained in both short and long form improvisational comedy. He does stand up comedy around the bay area, both on his own and as a part of musical comedy duo MooreDevine with his roommate and cohort Andrew Moore.

Spencer loves short walks on the beach, Italian food, and writing poetry, all true, I swear. Spencer is an all around nerd and loves to talk about superheros, D&D, cheesy 80′s montages and also has a zombie survival plan in place. He is a part of SF’s Sylvan Productions, a comedy production company based out of the Richmond district and SF Weekly’s  “Best Comedy Troupe,” of 2013.



 JACOB GRIMM  has been walking into tables, chairs, and doors for three decades. He routinely spills beverages and drops kitchen utensils as if he forgot he was even holding them. He is forever forgetting to turn on his headlamp while in mine shafts, and doesn’t even have the goddamn sense to remember the names of close friends and family. Even if he has just said the name. Like, twenty seconds prior.

Yes, this poor, silly, crayon-eating numbnuts was an outright mess until he was guided gently into the world of improvisational theater by the godfather of Elemental Improv, Dwayne McDaniel.

Despite Jacob’s lack of coordination and experience, Dwayne—who has been known to eat a crayon once or twice himself—inadvisably invited the awe-struck noob to co-found Elemental Improv. Here, Jacob found a world where there are no doors to flatten one’s nose. Nothing to trip over like a toddler enrolled too early in a Tumble Bunnies program. With the sole danger of angering fellow Improvisers—most of whom he is bigger than—Jacob was finally given the lack of tools he needed to succeed.


DWAYNE McDANIEL was originally the explorer Galan from the planet Taa, which existed in the pre-Big Bang universe. When an impending cataclysm gradually kills all other life in his universe, he and other survivors leave Taa via a space vessel, eventually becoming engulfed in the Big Crunch. However, Galan does not die, but is transformed through a bonding with the Sentience of the Universe. A Watcher observes the birth of Dwayne and realizes his fledging destructive nature, but chooses not to take the opportunity to kill him. Once fully aware, Dwayne experiences hunger so strongly that he consumes the nearby planet of Archeopia. The planet ultimately becomes the first of many, as Dwayne must consume their life energies for sustenance.

An undetermined amount of time afterwards, Dwayne makes his way to Earth, but is defeated by the efforts of the Fantastic Four, Uatu the Watcher, and a rebellious Silver Surfer. Dwayne leaves Earth, vowing that he will never try to consume it again.In 2012 Dwayne co-founds Elemental Improv with Jacob Grimm and Drew Ross in his living room.

Aside from Improv Dwayne enjoys being a musician and all around internet nerd.  He is also a member of Harold Improv Theater, Trulia (on hiatus) and Ka-Blahm-O!

DEBRA SCHIFRIN has been performing improv since age four, when
she forgot her lines in a high school production of Cinderella (where she played
a little mouse). Using only her wits, she improvised a 5-minute monologue on the
nature of God and the universe a la Waiting for Godot.
Fast forward a few years, and her love of improv
translated into co-founding Washington Improv Theater
in D.C. and performing with BATS Improv in San
Francisco. She currently performs with two other troupes besides Elemental Improv I-team: Phasers on Stun
(improvised Star Trek) and Shut Up and Kiss me (improvised silent movies – 1920s





Sam DiSalvo is from Reno, NV.

The Truckee River serves as Reno’s primary source of drinking water. It supplies Reno with 80 million U.S. gallons (300 Ml) of water a day during the summer, and 40 million U.S. gallons (150 Ml) of water per day in the winter. Before the water goes to the homes around the Reno area, it must go to one of two water treatment plants, Chalk Bluff or Glendale Water Treatment Plant. As an attempt to save water, golf courses in Reno, like Arrow Creek Golf Course, have been using treated effluent water instead of treated water from one of Reno’s water plants.






On Hiatus members:


 MAUREEN REILLY  is originally from Chicago popping into the world with a little bow on her head on 6/11 and weighing 6/11, adorable right?   Sarcasm and quick wittedness is her forte. Although the sarcasm has landed her in quite a few tangled webs, she can’t help herself.  Maureen was lucky enough to be a graduate of Second City where she performed with “The Kids in My Trunk” in addition to training at IO Chicago. Maureen performed with Leela “True Medussa” and currently is in another long form troupe “Harold Improv Theatre”.